Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day Two Just as Great

This morning we ran some errands and as soon as those were done we hit the road. We started off by going to Vlichada Beach, another beautiful black sand beach located pretty close to Perissa. After an hour or two of blissful nothingness we left the beach and headed a take-away gyro place we saw yesterday. Just as great as the one’s we had in Athens, but even bigger and heavier…yummm. From there we headed to the lighthouse located at the southwest tip of the island stopping to take in all the scenery along the way. Our final beach today was Mesa Pigadia, which was a little bit harder to find, but definitely a good spot to be at. After another couple hours of fantastic nothingness with the occasional dip in the sea we headed back to get washed up for the night. Once we had changed we took the quad to a bar on the edge of the Caldera to take watch the sunset. It was really pretty and worth the drive. After the sun went down we headed back to Perissa and got take-away from Pepitos, I got another gyro and Erica got baked feta and bread…mmm. Hard to tell that coming into this week that Erica was worried about Greek food.

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  1. We loved the notes about you enjoying Greek cuisine. Elizabeth can't have cheese right now (re: Claire) so she says she is "vicariously enjoying feta through your posts." :-) God certainly IS taking care of you....for not having a real set-in-stone plan for this final week I think it is WONDERFUL that you are getting to REST and RELAX. Possibly you won't need a "vacation to recover from your vacation" after a couple days on the beach. ENJOY ENJOY!