Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last Full Day

It’s hard to believe that over a month ago we began this trip and it is almost over already. We spent a year planning and anticipating these 35 days, and now it’s all coming to a close. Instead of killing ourselves trying to see a couple last things we decided to really just spend today relaxing. We slept in, went to the beach and laid out. For lunch we got gyros from Pepitos (definitely my favorite place for gyros) and then headed to the pool at our hostel. We laid out some more, slept some more, and got in the pool to cool off, as necessary. For dinner we went back to The Volcano (same place as the first night), we started off with bake feta again, Erica got calamari, and I got the roast chicken platter (my first non-gyro meal). Another great meal to finish off another great day.

I apologize for the lack of excitement in the posts this week. I suppose the writing reflects the level of adventure involved in the day…and the number one goal of our time here is R&R.

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