Monday, June 1, 2009

The Little Town of Siena

Today we took a day train to Siena, Italy. It’s a small town that still has lots of very old architecture and streets. A couple of the highlights in Siena were il Campo, a large semicircular shaped central area lined with shops and restaurants, and the Duomo, alleged to be Italy’s prettiest cathedral. The one unfortunate thing about today was the rain. Siena was very beautiful, but we feel that we missed a lot due to the umbrella traffic and lack of visibility to the beautiful Italian countryside. Because of the rain we spent most of our time at Siena’s Duomo and associated exhibitions and museums. While we were going through the Duomo museum we were able to go up to the top of a tower and where we could see all of Siena, or most at least because of the rain…Erica and I wonder how pretty the city and the Italian hillsides would be on a sunny day. Despite the weather we did manage to get our pizza and gelato (chocolate and milk chocolate combo) for the second consecutive today…mmm.

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