Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tough Decisions

Tough decisions...? Not really. The only thing we had to decide coming into today was whether we should stay in Santorini or go to Crete. We’ve decided to stay in Santorini for the remainder of our trip for a couple reasons: 50 euros a person to take a ferry to Crete, we’d be wasting a day on travel, Crete is much bigger and we’ve been told requires more than just two days, and we’re already at a great location (lesson learned from Nice I guess). Other than having to decide which island to be on our “tough decisions” have involved: Apple croissant or chocolate croissant for breakfast? Which beach should we go to now? Gyros for lunch, dinner, or both (usually both)? 15 SPF or 30 SPF? This has definitely been the right way to end our trip. We feel as though we’ve managed to visit the classic European sites all the way from the UK down to Italy, and even in Athens…but spending the final days of our trip in a much more relaxed setting has been an unreal experience.

Because we rented our ATV for 48 hours it was due back today at 1 pm, so we woke up early and drove to Oia and Katharos beach (probably our favorite) making a stop at one o the 24 hour bakeries for a apple and chocolate croissants. At Katharos beach we had our breakfast (the croissants are big enough to qualify as an entire breakfast) and stayed for as long as we could before having to drive back and return the quad. We purposely hadn’t hung out at Perissa Beach until today because we knew once we returned the quad that that’s where we’d be hanging out (30 seconds walk to the beach from our hostel). We hung out all afternoon on a couple of sunbeds until we were severely disoriented from the sun. The sun here really is piercing…in a good way…if that makes sense. I can’t say for certain, but I think it’s the hottest sun I’ve ever been under. For dinner we went to another restaurant on Perissa Beach, called Aquarius. It was really good (another gyro for me) and provided great scenery. Another sun-soaked, gyro-filled, great, Greek day.

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