Sunday, June 7, 2009

Roughing It

We arrived in Greece with nothing planned.

I laughed the first time I thought about the previous statement. It's crazy to think that we really did come here with not one thing booked; not a train, not a hotel, not a ferry, not a hostel...nothing. I think it's awesome, but at the same time pretty stupid.

I do definitely think that God was looking after us on this particulary night. We managed to connect with an Australian couple towards the end of the ferry, and a couple from Wyoming once we got off the instead of it just being Erica and I left to find our way in a country with a completely different alphabet where we have nothing booked, there were 6 of us trying to find our way. We arrived in Patras around 9 pm with no where to sleep, so we tried to find an information office but instead all we found was a bus stop. There we found out we could take a 3 hour bus ride to Athens; so the 6 of us decided to take that, since that's where we wanted to head ASAP. You probably realize this put us in the middle of Athens at 1 am with no clue what to do...well the one thing we had was the location of a hostel from our Aussie friend's travel book. When we got off at the bus station in Athens everyone else on the bus immediately scattered, probably b/c they knew were to go, and all that was left was us 6 and two taxi drivers (who for all we could tell were Slimeball and Greasy Papadopoulos). We were able to barter rides for the 6 of us at 5 euros a person...we figured at this point it was better to take a ride for 12 km than to hike to some hostel we only sort of knew the location of. Despite our apprehension the taxi ride worked out...unfortunately the hostel did not. Booked. After this we got sent from one place to the next until we finally found a hostel that had room for us...sort of. I'm typing this on a mattress from the hallway floor of a Greek hostel. I will load the pictures to prove it when I can.

I will definitely look back at this time and laugh...who am I kidding I'm already laughing.

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  1. Well just so you don't feel all alone....I am laughing with you. Glad you're able to keep it all in perspective. Trust from here things can only get better. :-)
    It's nice to know God knows your trip before you do, isn't it? And oh the stories you will have to share.....